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Combined shipping services

We can load between 1 to 4 cars using a shipping container (depending on size). We offer combined shipping, which saves you money as your vehicle will be placed with other vehicles heading to the same agreed port in Libya. When shipping high value vehicles, we can load them into custom 20ft, 40ft and if necessary 45ft containers.

Technical inspection services

The agreed-upon technical inspection of the vehicle is carried out from all sides with the help of specialists through our company in America, and its safety is guaranteed before completing the purchase process. This ensures that the merchant who makes the purchase is fully aware of all the problems or malfunctions that the vehicle suffers from before paying the amount that completes the purchase. The purchasing process, where the inspection report determines the dealer's desire to purchase or search for another car.

Shipping duration

The duration of shipping cars varies from one state to another, but the duration is up to 50 days and does not exceed 90 days after completing the purchase procedures.

Shipping and customs clearance services

With Al-Masdar International Company, you do not have to worry about the customs clearance procedure, as this task will not be done by you, but rather it is our responsibility, as we work to ship vehicles in the best ways to ensure their safety, and we also carry out customs clearance procedures.

Research and consulting services

Our company undertakes the process of searching for the car that suits you as a dealer, and we provide you with tips and advice that will help you choose the best car.

Cheapest car prices

Car prices in the US market are very cheap even with different currencies. The American market is open to everyone and is not restricted by import and export laws and customs, in addition to the ease of logistical services that America enjoys. All of this works to reduce the prices of cars sold in the American market very significantly.

Facilitating procedures

The process of purchasing cars from all countries of the world and importing them to Libya through Al-Masdar International Company according to very easy and simple procedures. All you have to do is specify the specifications of the desired vehicle, then we will recommend the best options to you. When you choose the right car for you as a dealer, we start negotiating it through auction, then we take it to your showroom.

Determine the specifications that are appropriate for you

You can specify special specifications for the car you want to import as a dealer in terms of type, model, country of origin, engine power, car size, technical specifications, additional accessories, and price preferences. With the help of the huge database that we have access to, which includes data on hundreds of thousands of cars for sale and export on the American market, we can easily find a car that includes all the specifications that you have specified as a dealer.

We are pioneers in trading new and used cars in Libya